Networking is one of the core functions of a computer. Your computer should be able to connect to the internet, other computers and peripheral devices such as printers. A networking issue, no matter how small it may be, can bring everything to a standstill. For instance, let’s say that you want to share a file with other people in the office, a fault in the network would make this task impossible. In other words, you will remain helpless. Do not be in that situation for long, we can help you by giving premium network repair and maintenance services.

Network Diagnosis

Most networking issues can only be solved by professionals. Doing it yourself can end up worsening the situation. You will as end up wasting your precious time trying to solve a problem that you are not familiar with. As a professional company, we will handle the issue with high levels of expertise. The first step that we will take is to perform a complete network diagnosis. We do this with the aim of trying to identify the source of the problem. From there, we will come up with an effective solution to that issue. With us, there is no guesswork.

Networking Hardware Issues

Some networking issues are due to problems related to different networking devices. Common devices include:






As experts in this field, we can easily tell if the issue is due to a defective hardware.We can inspect the computer to check if its settings are correct or whether its Ethernet port has a problem. If the problem is with the router, we can perform a router configuration to ensure that it is properly configured to the network. We may also check the hubs, switches and cables to ascertain that there is nothing wrong with them.

Network Security and Testing

One of the most pertinent issues about computer networking is the network security. If not handled carefully, it can lead to massive losses. Hackers can find their way into your computer and steal data or cause other damages.

Our network technicians test the security levels of your network and recommend the most appropriate steps that you should take. We can also help you to set up other networking security measures such as firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems. With a secure network, you will be able to carry out your activities without worrying about the safety of your network.

Professional and Experienced

We are a reputable computer repair company that boasts of having immense experience in this field. Our goal is to fully satisfy the needs of our customers by solving their networking issues. Our network technicians have experience in this field and will be able to solve any computer networking issue.

Our network technicians carry themselves in a professional manner and have proper work ethics that is characterized by excellent communication skills. You will feel comfortable interacting with them. We also strive to do our job in good time so that you may continue doing your tasks.

So, who should you call when having networking issues?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help our customers.